Handwritten Fonts, Instagram+

Menus with handwritten typeface boosts social media posts:

2019 Ohio State University study

A 2019 Ohio State University and Pennsylvania State University study found that diners eating in health-focused restaurants are more likely to link the restaurant to healthiness if the menu features handwritten fonts.

The study also found that these types of menus are more likely to generate posts (photos of the foods served there) on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, etc. More posts means more positive interactions with your customers and, in turn, drives more foot traffic to your business.

Example of an iMenuPro menu with handwritten fonts

The results show that these positive effects occur only when used in establishments where the menu is health-focused. So if you run a burger joint, the folksy handwriting fonts won't help you. But if your focus is on healthy eating, "writing" fonts and hand drawn art should definitely be considered.

i With iMenuPro, you can swap preloaded handwritten fonts into any Menu Style. There are many hand-drawn typefaces to choose from. And typewriter fonts, which achieve the same sort of "human touch" effect, are included as well.

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