You can add more than one price per item and have the prices spaced evenly and correctly with no effort. That spacing can be adjusted as well to suit your desired look.

Multi-price spacing:

For Normal Price Placement, this value sets the total amount of space that will be used for each price column if more than one price is being used for the item. In effect, it evenly spreads out the right justified prices of the item by allocating a set width per price column. (To use more than one price, simply enter your prices for the item separated by a semicolon, as in 10.95;12.95;15.95. iMenuPro will then right justify the prices on the same line with proper spacing so they line up in price columns.)

For example, if you want 1 inch total space for each price column, enter 1. If you want 3/4 inch, enter 0.75. If your prices are too close together, enter a bigger value here or decrease the size of the price font.

Use Style Defaults

At any time, click the Use Style defaults button to use the Style's default Price Options.

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