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Each Menu Style has preselected fonts referred to the Style defaults. These fonts have been chosen to work together with the design, artwork, and layout of the Menu Style. You can override these font selections, however, and make your own for any Menu Style using the Fonts menu.

Under the Fonts menu choose which Font you want to change (Normal Heading, Food Item Name, etc) and the Font box will appear. As you make changes in the Font box, you'll see the new font updated in the Sample box. At any time click the Use Style defaults button to return to Style default for the font. When you're ready, click OK and your newly selected font will be applied to all elements of that type on your menu.

Font Box Options

The following options are available in the Font box:

Font Family

The name of the font.

Font Style

Sets the weight (regular, bold, etc.) and whether the font is Italicized (regular or italic). Not all Font Families contain all font styles - some fonts will not allow you to italicize or bold the font.


The font size (in points)


The letter Spacing - spacing in between the characters of a word. To expand the spacing choose a value greater than 0. To compress the spacing choose -1. For normal spacing use 0.

Font Color

The color of the font.

Tip! Hey, where's my font? If your menu style has solid box type accent, and the font color is white to make it pop off the accent, and you remove the accent and your menu paper color is white: the font will now be most invisible. Simply change the font's color to something other than white to bring it back to life.

Effects - Underline

Underlines each character in the text.

Effects - Overline

Puts a line above each character in the text.

Effects - All Caps

Capitalizes each letter.

Effects - Stroke

Outlines the letters in the chosen font color and turns the inside of letters white or, for some styles, a specific color that goes with the style.

Effects - Shadow

Adds a slight shadow to the letters. Shadow size and color are based on the chosen style - mostly the color is a typical grayish shadow.

Shrink all fonts

Use this command to decrease all heading and food item font sizes at once. This command is also available via the tool-bar for quick access.

Grow all fonts

Use this command to increase all heading and food item font sizes at once. This command is also available via the tool-bar for quick access.

Reset fonts to Style Defaults

If you have made changes to more than one font, and want to Reset them all back to Style defaults at once, use the command Fonts > Reset fonts to Style defaults.

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