Symbol Options

The following options are available:


Sets the symbol color.

Use large symbols

If checked uses a larger symbol than the normal size (the relative size of each symbol is based on the item it's next to).

Keep inline with Name

If checked moves the symbols inline with the food item Name so they don't extend into the left margin. This option is useful if you have limited room in the left margin such as when using columns or when using a wide border. Note: Switching this option on/off can cause menu reformatting because the inline symbols take up part of the food item space.

Example using Keep inline

Example without using Keep inline

on left  on right

If you have Keep inline with Name checked, for certain menu styles you can also choose to have the symbols appear to the right of the item Name (normally they appear on the left).

Example with symbol on the right

Symbol spacing

Sets the horizontal spacing between symbols. The larger the value, the more space next to a symbol. Note: This setting applies to footer key symbols as well.

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