Floating Overlay Text

Important! Floating Text is not a heading OR a subheading and should not be used as one. Doing so is bad choice because a) It's stationary and won't move if you add or remove food items or headings, i.e., it does not autoformat b) It will not appear on Live-sync or QR menus in the spot you place it because the web is not a piece of paper – it's a responsive display grid.

Adding Floating Text

Use the Insert > Floating Text command to add floating text.

Changing the Floating Text Font

Use the Fonts > Floating Text to change the font, size, and color of your floating text.

Floating Text Fields

When you edit floating text a Floating Text box appears with the following fields:


Sets the alignment within the block of floating text itself. The default alignment is Left.


You can select a box or accent for the floating text here. You can also change the accent's color using the Box/Accent Color selector. To remove the box or accent from the floating text select (none).


The distance the floating text is from the left edge of your menu


The distance the floating text is from the top edge of your menu.

Line Spacing

Sets the line spacing within the floating text item. 1.0 is the default single spacing option.

Effects - Scale Size:

You can set the overall size, font, and color for all Floating Text using Font > Floating Text but you can also tweak each individual floating text block to vary its size using the Scale Size effect.

Effects - Rotate Text

The rotation angle of the floating text. Select none if you don't want the text rotated.

Restaurant name using floating text rotated 270° vertical up

Slogan using floating text rotated 355° tilt up

Effects - Curvy Text

The curvaceousness of the floating text. Select none if you don't want curvy text.

'Authentic' using floating text curved up

Effects - Alt Font:

You can set Alt Font to use to use the Alt-Font Floating Text font (set under the Font menu) instead of the normal floating text font. This allows you to have an alternative font family for some floating text.

Tip! You can use Floating Text as a watermark by clicking Fonts > Floating Text and using the opacity slider after clicking the Font Color button. If you select a very light opacity, the floating text will appear as a watermark.

Example using watermark Floating Text

Tip! You can also RIGHT-CLICK any floating text to edit it, center it, clone it, change its stacking display order (front to back or back to front), change the page it appears on, or remove it from your menu.

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