Auto Bin/Number

Options for Auto Bin/Number

The following options are available:

Start numbering at:

Enter the number here that you want the auto-numbering to start at.

Attach this prefix:

If you want to have a prefix of letters, numbers, or symbols that precedes the number, enter that here. For example to have the numbers be C1, C2, C3, etc. enter C for the prefix. The prefix can be up to 3 characters.

Use a period after number

Check this box if you want a period after the number, such as 13., 14., etc.

Leave existing Bin/numbers

Check this box if you want any Bin/Numbers that are currently on the menu to remain unchanged. This lets you replace just the Bin/Number entries that are blank. If this box is not checked, all food items on the menu will have their Bin/numbers replaced.

Tip! Once Auto Bin/Number is done, you can use Edit > Undo to return your menu to its original state.

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