Category Labeler

Options for Categories

The following options are available:

Add a new category

Enter the text for the new category you want to add in this field. Then click the Add button to add it to your list of categories.

Edit a category

Click a category in your list to select (highlight) it and edit it. Once selected, you can change the text, color, or disable option for the category. When done editing, click the little OK button next to the text. To discard your edit, click the little X button.

Label Color box

Lets you pick the color for any new or edited category label. Choosing white means the label will have no color fill.

Disable editing of items in this category

Checking this box will prevent food items tagged with this category from being edited. The items will appear muted in the food list (grayed out) to indicate disabled. Removing the check will re-enable editing for items tagged by this label. This allows you to effectively block certain groups of foods, at once, from being changed (edited). It also alerts you to groups of foods you might want to avoid using for certain menus.

NOTE You can still use disabled foods on your menus - you just can't edit them. And if an item tagged with a disabled category is already on a menu, it will remain there unless you remove it.

Remove a category

The Remove button removes a selected (highlighted) category from the category list and also removes it from any food item tagged with this category label. Be careful with Remove as this action is irreversible.

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