Span Columns

Example of a Title Heading that spans at the top of menu

Span Menu Columns

Menu columns puts your entire menu into columns, like a newspaper.

But there are also two special sections, at the top and at the end of your menu, that can have spanned items.

-Title section-
- Col 1 Col 2 -
- Col 1 Col 2 -
- Col 1 Col 2 -
- End section -
- Menu footer -

We refer to the top as the Title section and the end as the End section. You can span any heading or food item in these special sections. And title headings and subheadings automatically span if in the Title section.

Example of headings and a food item spanned in the Title section

Both sections are optional, and are only in play when using Menu columns.

Example of headings and food items spanned in the End section

How to span Menu columns

Other than checking the Span tweak and then dragging the item into the appropriate section, there's nothing more to do.

To span an item at the top or end of your menu:

  • Check the Span tweak for the item and then drag or move the item into either section.

To break out of the Title section, and enter the Menu column section:

  • Just add any item below the Title Section that is not spanned.

To start the End Section at the end of your menu:

  • Add any item at the bottom of your menu that has the Span tweak checked. Any number of items can be spanned there.

Span Food Columns

Food columns let you have select groups of foods in columns, while leaving your overall menu in single column mode. But what if you want to add text in the middle of the food columns and have it span across the columns?

You can do this automatically with subheadings. And also with food items that have the Span tweak checked.

Subheadings, and food items set to span, will span across food columns if they are:

  • Placed anywhere under a heading that is set for food columns, even in the middle of the foods

Example of subheadings (in white) that span food columns

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