Steps to Make a Menu

  1. Select View > Classic
  2. Select File > New Menu
  3. Next to Food Items click the New button
  4. Fill in Food Item fields for Name, Description and Price and then click OK. You can repeat this step to a add a few Foods Items.
  5. Next to Headings click the New button.
  6. Enter the Heading text such as 'Appetizers', 'Starters', etc. then click OK
  7. Now click and hold the Heading you just created and Drag it over to the menu and Drop it. Next drag some Food Items to the menu in the same fashion - drop them under the Heading in the order of your choice.
  8. Once you have few items on the menu you can a) click and drag to change their order b) click to edit them c) hover and click the X to remove them (or click to edit and uncheck the On Menu box, then click OK).
  9. Next, try clicking the Next Style» button on the toolbar to see what your menu looks like with different designs.
  10. Finally, at any point during the process, click on the toolbar (or use File > Create PDF to Print ) to create a PDF menu which you can print or upload to your website.

Switching Menu Styles

You can switch Menu Styles at any time using the Design > Switch Menu Styles command to choose a specific Menu Style.

Or you can click the «Previous Style or Next Style» buttons on the toolbar to cycle through the available styles.

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