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As mentioned in Pizza Today, if a dish isn't selling well or requires expensive ingredients and lots of prep time and therefore generates less profit, move it to a place such as the last page of your menu if possible or even considering removing it altogether.

There's not much more to say here - if the item is unpopular, hide it or remove it. The cost of reprinting menus, and the slow turn around of the traditional designer to print-service mentality, and the hassle of updating your web and QR menus so all menus are "in-sync" probably prevents this one from happening more than it should.

i With iMenuPro, you can remove any menu item with a single click on the X that appears in the right-hand corner when you hover over a menu item. And more importantly, a single click of the Sync Now button can update all of your print, web, and QR menus at once.

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